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Do I exert the energy/resources to go to a giant Halloween event or do I stay home and pretend to study?

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Peanut is in the process of losing another canine.

This will leave him with a total of two.

He's in pain and I don't have any doggie pain killers. I'd improvise, but he's so small that it might do more harm that good (I'm wary of tinkering with body ratios and pain killers). Right now he's under the Home Theater Room's couch cowering.

This breaks my heart.

And it's partially my fault. He's been enthusiastically stealing Harley's Trader Joe Greenies (their version) and I broke down and bought him a bag of his own. I know he's not supposed to chew anything, but I bought them anyway. He's still a young dog and he wants to chew. I shouldn't have been so indulgent. *Sigh* Now he's down one more tooth (he has so few left).
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At least that's how I'm interpreting it.

Last night I washed and dried Peanut into a glowing white ball of shampoo-scented sunshine.

This morning, Harley peed on him.

I washed him again.

I came home an hour ago to find that the neighbor's dog had gotten into our yard and played roughly with the dogs. Peanut is left with a 1 1/2 x 2 inch stripe on his head that is still white; he is otherwise covered in mud.

To attempt to have a clean dog is to defy nature.

I am officially giving up.



Oct. 6th, 2007 01:09 pm
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It's my birthday.

You may all now celebrate.
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Cast your vote for best dance performance involving a people mover.



Christopher Walken


Sep. 20th, 2007 10:11 pm
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"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight."
-Albert Schweitzer

As a rescue mom and a pet lover, I can't stress the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. If you love animals, this is the easiest and most humane way to help them avoid death in the shelters and on the streets.

A bit graphic, but it drives the point home:
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I'm currently packing for a weekend of camping at the beach.

My general attitude towards camping can best be summed up in this phrase, "Why go sleep on the ground and pretend you don't have a house?". It goes without saying that I have very few "camping" things. No sleeping bag. No tent. No Thermarest.

My roommates are avid campers and are lending me their stuff. Roommate T (my guy roommate) comes up to me and asks me to try on the mummy bag I'll be borrowing, as he's not sure if it will fit. Fair enough, I'm a big girl with curves in some very definite places. I zip up standing up and it fits. "You might want to try it lying down, see if it's too restrictive." And so I do the worm and drop to the ground, only to hear the words, "GET HER!" Roommates T and K (the girl roommate) and both dogs pounce and I am being tickled within an inch of my life. Fuckers.

Revenge is best served cold. Cold seawater, that is. Mwa ha ha.

This is Peanut's first known trip to the beach and first foray into the somewhat dubious world of camping. Wish us luck.

Peanut turns two on Sunday! Two with no teeth and a permaboner--toast the little man if you have a moment. Two never looked so funny.

This is my new favorite "new artist." Jose Vanders, give her a listen--she's all of 17 years old.

Off to pack
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Just bought tickets home for Xmas.

Two hundred bucks I don't have and a 5 am departure, but at least there's family and the beach.

Living so far away is truly a mixed blessing.


Sep. 19th, 2007 12:16 am
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I just turned my sisters onto via signing them up for a catalog. They will think it's lame (because I suggested it and because they have no taste) and then change their mind in 10 years when they can no longer pull off the outfits. Regret is a bitch.

Dear Body,

Sep. 4th, 2007 03:37 pm
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Why so hurty?

cursedcassandra: (Default) is my new favorite site. It keeps me abreast on the most important issues of the day, like looking fashionable when in labor:
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"What would Jesus do? He'd probably tell them all to shut the hell up."

God bless YOU Dan Reed!
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It's about health care stupid.
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Asking a woman's father for her hand in marriage.


Since women are officially no longer chattel to be traded from father to husband, the persistence of this peculiar custom confuses me.
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One of the reasons why Burning Man was "limited" fun for me is that I made great pains to take care of myself. I went to sleep when I was tired (at night, it's impossible to nap during the day). I drank enough water. I didn't dare drink for fear of further dehydrating myself in an already harsh environment. I used sunscreen (even though I hate it). I didn't do any drugs. I stayed off and out of the way of things that moved quickly. I didn't play with fire. I didn't have sex with strangers. Likewise, I didn't make a habit of trusting strangers with my life.

I used the same common sense there that I try to employ here.

It goes a lot further there.

Does this make me a "hater"?


Sep. 1st, 2007 01:07 am
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Not like that Trever.

Tagged by [ profile] janejellyroll. I dare not ignore the summons, she has mad skillz that I fear.

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1. My feet must, must, must be clean before going to sleep. This makes camping and attending Burning Man a difficult ordeal. Hail the gods of OCD!

2. I hate doughnuts. Not in that " do these make my butt look big" way. I truly have a deep abiding hatred for them that requires that I not eat, smell or see them. Once when confronted with the rather limited options of shivering in the rain, being trapped in a room that smelled like other people's sex (ew), and a doughnut shop, I chose the wet pavement.

3. The move "Sideways" makes me homicidal. Loser dudes seem to love it, but I want to yank out what's left of Paul Giomatti's hair and scream, "No woman should save you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm still pissed that I can never get those two hours of my life back.

4. I have a tracheotomy scar which is rather tiny and unnoticeable unless I point it out (generally attributing it to when I was "in the shit in 'Nam"). For some reason this gives me license to ask about other people's neck scars and I always ask. They let me, so it must be true.

5. I believe that all cold remedies are utter and complete voodoo (tipping the scales towards complete bullshit), but each and every cold season I forget this and buy Zicam (only to be bitterly disappointed later).

6. I try to never cross over grass due to a lecture on the common good from my frosh poli sci class. Nerd.

7. I do not swoon for babies, but I do get nutted up over puppies. I think there's something wrong with me too.


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Peanut only loves me secretly.

Meaning, when I'm not looking.

I think this is further proof that he is really a cat.
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You are powerless to resist Capers the Otter.
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