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Creative gift ideas for someone in chemo?

I never post and when I do, it's either with doom and gloom or requests for cupcakes. In any case, I'd at least like props for keeping it interesting.

Today's drive by is all about doom and gloom:

My fundamentalist Christian sister-in-law has breast cancer and they are treating it with chemo and radiation. I'd like to send her something to make the chemo experience a little less hellish, but I'm at a loss. Does anyone have any ideas that don't involve the standard Precious Moments schlock?

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe candles and bubble bath so she can pamper herself? Or make a donation to the American Cancer Society in her name and send her a handmade card stating that you've made that gift?

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Thanks Vikki, I found a few sites that gave suggestions and wound up buying a shit ton of micro-fleece goodness to send her way.

How are you holding up?

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Ehhhh. I'm all right.
I'm having middle of the night discussions with the nurse here about the situation with my mom and dad (the suspicions against him). She's a good sounding board. I wouldn't trust anyone else in real life to talk to about this, besides treatment providers. It helps to get it all out and feel like my thoughts and feelings are normal, given the situation.