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cursedcassandra ([personal profile] cursedcassandra) wrote2008-03-27 09:57 pm

For my peeps in So Cal

I have a ridiculous amount of affection for little dogs. More so if they're crippled or otherwise in need of special love and care. My own little handicapped hero has provided me with nothing but love and joy since I adopted him two years ago.

With that said, it's very upsetting to me that this poor little girl is looking down the barrel of euthanasia within the next week. She's an adult poodle-mix with three legs. Like most handicapped animals, her infirmity doesn't slow her down in the least.

http://www. dogsindanger. com/dog. jsp?did=1206236659442

If you live in So Cal and can foster or adopt, please keep this pup in mind. If you know someone who is interested in fostering or adopting, please forward this on. She's in a shelter in Visalia and will be put down in 9 days.

I've taken a special interest in this case and am hoping for a small miracle. Please, please, please send this on if you can help.