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cursedcassandra ([personal profile] cursedcassandra) wrote2007-12-29 10:19 pm

Los Angeles.


Back from a week of tans, conspicuous consumption (spectator), asses that are significantly smaller than mine, and perpetually sunny weather.

Back to Portland where I belong. Pale people, similar values, asses that are significantly smaller than mine and perpetual rain.

I've hit the ground running and have had no time to catch up on my LJ. I will remedy this, but probably not for days...and days.

I hope you are well, warm, loved, and anticipating the New Year.


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Welcome back to the Northwest! :)

Have a wonderful New Year's!

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You too!

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I don't know how you deal with the rain! that would make me so depressed.

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I have an odd aversion to sunlight in the's anemic quality bugs the shit out of me, historically making me prefer clouds and rain to its comforts. Luckily, in this respect, Portland suits me just fine.

I don't know how you deal with the snow and low, low, low temperatures (apparently you read, I heard about you literate Minnesotans)!