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Dear A-hole in the Corvette,

I don't know if you're drunk or just hell bent on killing yourself, but try not take out the rest of the city in your attempts.

This means, do not pass slower drivers by weaving into oncoming traffic (especially when they are 50 feet from you) on a major arterial road, do not stop in the middle of traffic on another major arterial road for literally no reason, do not weave, do not run red lights, and quick f*&king speeding already.

Yes, I called the police and provided them with your license plate and location.

Yes, I hope you get the DUI or reckless driving ticket of your life.

Yes, I think a little time in detox and the county jail might serve you well.

And, yes, I hope that if you kill anyone today, it's only yourself.

Best of luck on that because I'm really rooting for you,